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On May 28, 2014, our Board approved a new schedule of quarterly meetings each year. The upcoming dates remain on Third Wednesdays, which will be September 17; November 19; February 18, 2015; and May 20, 2015. In addition to website postings, agenda reminders will be emailed as these dates approach. With expanding electronic communications, quarterly personal meetings promise to be a more effective use of everyone's time and efforts.

Design of East 62nd Street Multi-Use Trail - Councillor Christine Scales requested this aerial graphics overlay from the Department of Public Works (DPW) on the budget-approved project.

Glendale Town Center mall is shown at upper left of the overlay.  Since this is a massive display, it has to be enlarged by the viewer to find sections of interest.  Still,the entire project is shown here. Completed Trail was dedicated on Saturday, March 16, 2013, with Mayor Greg Ballard, State Representative Christina Hale, and FSNA President Joe Goeller as guest speakers. Director Ted Hudnut presented a Memorial Marker honoring John David "JD" Smith to his wife Connie. This plaque has been installed at 62nd and Olney Street on southeast corner.

DPW is coordinating with Glendale to integrate the Trail with its Town Center mall, which may include installation of secure bike racks.

Recycle Year-Round at John Strange School - Support student programs financially and our environment by recycling. Two large dumpsters which are labeled separately for phone books and recycling other paper products are located in the north (back) parking lot. Our children say 'thank you' for recycling with us!

2013 Fire Hydrant Painting - Status Update
Neighborhood Preference Survey Results
Drainage Problem Survey Letter
Please print and mail Neighborhood Drainage Problem Survey,
listing your problem area on attached map.
See Fairfields-Sylvan Drainage Survey Results Map to-date here.

Neighborhood Events

Independence Parade and Pitch-In Photoshow 2012


Joie Woods "Giant Tree Trimming Party" on Dearborn Street delighted neighbors with music, holiday food, and decorations; supported by GACC and FSNA.

Photoshow of December 10, 2011 Giant Tree Trimming Party

Tree Trimming Party

Fairfields-Sylvan residents enjoy many events and one of the most popular with the young crowd is the Annual Spring Egg Hunt. Enjoy the photoshow of the 2011 event. (Photos courtesy of Bill Hazel)

Photoshow of 2011 Fairfields-Sylvan Spring Egg Hunt

Egg hunt

Each year around the Fourth of July, the Fairfields-Sylvan residents get together for a fun day including a Parade and Pitch-in. Below is a slideshow and photos of last year's event. As you can tell, a great time was had by all, both children and adults.

PhotoShow of Fairfields-Sylvan July 3rd, 2010 Parade & Pitch-in