Neighborhood Watch

Your assigned Block Captain should have your specific contact information in order to communicate Crime Alerts to you. Neighbors may also wish to notify their Block Captain when planning to be out of town, so the Captain can be mindful of any questionable activity on the specific property. Below are links to assist you in finding your assigned Block Captain and a form listing your specific contact information that you can give your Block Captain. Email Terry Dobson if you are interested in being a Captain.

If you have crime to report, call the Marion County Sheriff's Department.

Watch Reports

Neighborhood Watch - January 2012

One neighbor was present at our January 18th association meeting to report a break-in of his SUV in his driveway during Monday night.  An expensive radio was stolen from the vehicle. Our Crime Watch Coordinator reported during the 61 days since our November 16th meeting of four house break-in's - two on Kessler Boulevard and two on Sherman Drive - plus two vehicle break-in's, including that of the SUV.  All of these incidents occurred between Kessler Boulevard and East 62nd Street. 

Starting within the next month or two, our meeting minutes for Crime Watch will only state, "Please see our Members Only page for Crime Watch reports".  This same sentence will be posted on the Neighborhood Watch page. 

Our meeting minutes will be the official source for the Neighborhood Watch information on Members Only page. It will no longer be available to the general public, including possible lawbreakers.

Neighborhood Watch - December 2011

As planned, Fairfields-Sylvan did not have a public meeting in December.

Neighborhood Watch - November 2011

At least one family had its Thanksgiving trip saddened due to a Wednesday night break-in on Sherman Drive south of 62nd Street. While an alarm system was activated, the house was unlit which may have attracted the thieves attention.

Neighborhood Watch - October 2011

There were no major Crime Watch incidents known in October.

Neighborhood Watch - September 2011

Two break-ins were reported; one in the 6500 block of North Ewing Street, and the second on North Sherman Drive, with several flat-screen TV's stolen. Richard Adams, the bald-headed white male who has been approaching residents in the area with a hardship story, then asking for money or a ride somewhere, is reportedly back in police custody. On a sad note for neighbors, Shirley Purvitis, our excellent IMPD Crime Watch Liaison, has passed away due to cancer.

Neighborhood Watch - August 2011

We had an increase in prowler reports in August, particularly on North Olney and North Ewing Streets. Instances occurred of a vehicle being opened and contents removed, as well as two reports of 
locked cars in driveways having the back window broken and and back seat items grabbed. Be alert for a black Toyota pickup truck, license 1387815, driven by middle-aged white male with short graying hair, suspected of crime activity in the Steinmeier Estates area.

Richard Adams, previously listed on November and December 2010 reports, is "back on the street", following his same scam of knocking on doors and requesting assistance. Another neighbor advised on a violation of our "No Soliciting" policy by a well-dressed young man, although no details were given as to his solicitation. It could be that he was checking as to whether anyone was at home. There was a violation along the Nickel Plate RR tracks of the City's "No Dumping" code, with the neighbor being confronted by an FSNA Director. This is considered to be satisfactorily resolved.

Neighborhood Watch - July 2011

In late July, a vehicle was stolen on North Olney Street. This is another reminder to everyone that vehicles which sit outside are vulnerable to crime. It appears this Toyota pickup truck may have been targeted because of its make and model. No signs of forced entry, such as glass on the ground, may indicate a professional with a door opening device. The owner had both sets of keys in their possession.

During this extremely hot weather, please be vigilent to assist any vulnerable neighbors. If you see newspapers piling up, or little to no activities outside, please make a call to check on them.

Neighborhood Watch - June 2011

There were no major incidents reported in June.  An unlocked vehicle sitting in one neighbor's driveway on East 61st Street was ransacked during the night or early morning hours.  Some CD's and a few dollars worth of coins were stolen.

Neighborhood Watch - May 2011

Terry Dobson, Crime Watch Coordinator, reported that it had been "really, really quiet" this past month. Neighbors appear to have taken a more assertive attitude toward strangers, inquiring what their business is, if they are found parked or walking across neighbors' lawns, etc. Other neighbors have reported on police pursuing suspects through the neighborhood and backyards after an incident on the commercial corner. Also, an attempted home break-in occurred, but the subjects fled after being confronted by residents. 

If you have not already done so, please submit your $25 annual dues (you may use our easy online renewal form) to support our Fairfields-Sylvan efforts on your behalf.

Neighborhood Watch - April 2011

No major incidents were reported in April. There was some minor shoplifting from local merchants, with loose change being taken from a car on North Chester Avenue which was sitting unlocked in an open garage.

Coordinator Terry Dobson advised that boxes of Block Captain's individual business cards have arrived. Captains can use these cards for introducing themselves to neighbors and for other occasions. Sherry Seiwert and Joe Goeller have completed their letters and forms distribution for March of the Crime Watch Block Captains, an event noted in our Fairfields-Sylvan February 2011 newsletter.

Terry is more than half done for his Crime Watch area. He is not aware as to the March activities of the other ten Block Captains.

Neighborhood Watch - March 2011

In mid-March, a vehicle was burglarized on North Sherman Drive during darkness before dawn. The windows were broken and tools stolen from the vehicle. Please do not leave valuable items where they can be seen through vehicle windows.

In a separate incident on North Chester Avenue, an unlocked vehicle was obviously ransacked, with small amount of money stolen.

We are also getting reports from nearby neighborhoods of items being stolen from backyard mini-barns. Thieves are taking mowers and other power tools during late evening hours. Neighbors with sheds should make sure they are locked and secure.

In the near future, Crime Watch Alert emails will only be sent to Fairfields-Sylvan neighbors who are members having paid their annual dues. 

Neighborhood Watch - February 2011

This February incident did not occur in Fairfields-Sylvan, but was close by in the vicinity of 46th and Emerson, being a scam and probable attempted home invasion and robbery.

A husband and wife live in a somewhat isolated area of large lots and trees. On Thursday, he got a cell phone call from a man who said he was standing at the couple's front door. The stranger stated that he was a Comcast technician and needed to check the clarity of their TV reception.

The husband told the man, who spoke with a southern or foreign accent, that his TV reception was fine. The man persisted in trying to persuade them to open the front door, but finally left.

They cannot provide a personal description, as the conversation only took place through the locked door. They did get a glimpse of the departing vehicle, being a new white car.  No further details are available.

Neighborhood Watch - January 2011

1/31/2011 - Neighbors should be aware of reports throughout the Northside, and two within Fairfields-Sylvan, regarding unknown people knocking on doors. This appears to be happening day and night. Typically, these are teenage or early 20's males, who may or may not park in the driveway of the home they approach. They typically ask for someone who the homeowner does not recognize, and then leave without going to other homes on the street. These may be potential burglars.

Please advise everyone to be cautious, and do not open the door to speak with them. Let them know you are home, and that they have the wrong address. We have had reports in other neighborhoods of people opening the door, because they were expecting someone to visit. Always verify the identity of the visitor before opening your door or storm door.

No other types of suspicious activity at this time.

Neighborhood Watch - December 2010

12/12/2010 - Below is a link to an article regarding the man known as "Mike", who was scamming people in and around our neighborhood. His actual name is Richard Adams. He would knock on doors, stating he was locked out of his car, either asking for a ride or money for a locksmith, and so on. It appears he is off the streets "for now".

Thank you to everyone who reported their contact or sightings to police.

Neighborhood Watch - November 2010

11/22/2010 - Initial Report on Individual arrested in December - Everyone should be alert regarding two very similar incidents in and around our neighborhood just today. One was in the 6400 block of Dean Road, and one in Steinmeier Estates just north of 71st street. A tall Caucasian man with a bald head has been knocking on doors near dark, or just afterward. He has a story about locking his keys in his car, or claims to be a neighbor up the street who locked himself out. He asks for a "ride" to some location not far away, such as CVS at 62nd and Keystone.

In both recent cases, nobody was robbed, but IMPD says that is not always the case. They have been on the lookout for him in this area, as others have been robbed but not injured. If you see a person matching this description or have contact with him, call the 911 number immediately and do not let him in. He appears to be brazen and unpredictable.

Neighborhood Watch - October 2010

There were no crime alert incidents reported in October.

Neighborhood Watch - September 2010

09/22/2010 - Here is a crime alert to everyone about a few instances of minor activity in and around Fairfields-Sylvan:

A pickup truck was stolen this week from Oakland Avenue, which is to our west. It was found stripped and abandoned on Olney Street near Kessler Boukevard East Drive.

We have received reports of a Dark Blue Chevrolet S-10 pickup thought be 1980's vintage, being involved in some vehicle break-ins in the Royal Pines neighborhood. The truck has some body damage and was observed to be driven by a white male in his 30's. Please watch for this vehicle passing through our neighborhood.

A few minor instances have been reported of eggs being thrown at houses, and driveway reflectors being removed. These tend to happen on Friday evenings and are thought to be local teens out after the high school football games end.

Again, please warn neighbors to lock their homes and vehicles and keep valuables out of sight. Most crime in our neighborhood seems to be theft of unsecured property.

Neighborhood Watch - August 2010

08/05/2010 - Report on some new crime activity which has been happening east of Allisonville Road, and could potentially come in our Fairfields-Sylvan direction.

A small maroon or purple 4-door GM car with a silver stripe, possibly a Cavalier or Saturn has been identified as being at several of the crime scenes. They typically park on the street and come to your door with an empty gasoline can, They knock at your door with the story that they are out of gas. If you don't answer, they kick in your front door. An empty gasoline can has been found inside 2 or 3 residences that were burglarized.

A recent incident on east 65th Street involved them pushing open a front door that was not closed or locked due to just having been painted. The homeowner confronted the burglars, who fled to their car and left the scene.

The individuals are reported to be African-American males in their early twenty's. If you see this car or any other suspicious car parked along one of our streets, please report it immediately to IMPD, 327-3811.

Further, we recently had two cars abandoned for several days on Chester Avenue south of 62nd Street.

Neighborhood Watch - July 2010

07/26/2010 - Report of one home break-in recently on south side of East 61st Street. It is believed that burglars entered through a garage utility door. No suspects were apprehended; however, two teen males were seen walking in the vicinity about the time of the break-in.

Remember, if you do not recognize persons wandering in your area, be suspicious.

We are receiving complaints through out the north side of solicitors selling magazine subscriptions door to door. Some of them carry identification for a company called Paragon. This company has been identified by the BBB as one of the most blatant scams they hear about. We have had reports of the solicitors asking very personal questions regarding children, dogs and place of employment of homeowners. These are the very people we want to deny access to the neighborhood by means of our posted NO SOLICITING signs.

Do not hesitate to call the IMPD non-emergency number, 327-3811, to register a complaint against these solicitors. All entrances of the neighborhood are once again posted with NO SOLICITING signs.

Three NO DUMPING signs are available. Please contact Terry Dobson, 253-5818. He will post them at the entrance to any street where there is a perceived need.

Neighborhood Watch - June 2010

06/23/2010 - There continue to be significant problems with items taken from vehicles parked in residents driveways; of these, 90% are vehicles left unlocked. Please stress to residents in your area to be certain to lock their vehicles and store valuables out of sight.

We have recently experienced an increase of mail being taken from mailboxes by kids looking for money in birthday or graduation cards. Three teenage boys on bicycles were observed taking mail from residents mailboxes last week on Dearborn Street south of East 62nd Street. When challenged by a resident, they fled on their bicycles.

Mailbox incidents were also reported on East 61st Street: (1) A small package was found in some bushes, having been torn open. It was empty, except for Styrofoam peanuts. The packing slip indicated it contained medicine for someone on Sherman Drive. Police were to be notified; and (2) In two other incidents, envelopes which might have been greeting cards had their edges torn off.

Please ask your neighbors to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity around mailboxes.

Neighborhood Watch - June 2010

06/07/2010 - Three incidents of late night or early morning vehicle and garage break-in's were reported on North Sherman Drive.

One resident heard his garage door going up around 5:00 am. Two males, probably teens or early twenties, thin builds and fairly short Caucasians, wearing white t-shirts, had broken the window of a truck in the driveway, taking a brief case and garage door opener. They also rifled through the glove compartment and console of an unlocked SUV. When discovered, they took off in a very dark or black sedan or small pick-up truck.

When reported to police, an officer stated this was the third area crime reported in recent weeks, having all been non-confrontational. The thieves are considered to be looking for GPS devices, laptops, or tools.

A second neighbor found evidence that someone went through the contents of their cars, while a third neighbor had a vehicle window broken, plus entry into their garage, with some non-specified items being taken. The areas were considered pretty well lit at night.

Neighborhood Watch - May 2010

05/31/2010 - Be on the lookout for an older white pickup with a double cab and silver and maroon stripes up the sides. This vehicle has plywood on the sides of the bed and a very loud muffler. It is driven by a white male with long brown hair. He is often seen throughout the neighborhood cutting lawns, or doing tree work. He has been observed looking into vehicles after dark.

He has been seen driving on our neighborhood streets at very high rates of speed, and does not stop at stop signs. He was just observed running the stoplight at 62nd Street and Allisonville Road, almost causing an accident. Police have been alerted.

If you encounter him, please be careful as police are placing him under surveillance.

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