The Fairfields-Sylvan Neighborhood Association strives to provide our nearly 500 households with a
means to improve and protect the beauty and integrity of this area in northeastern Marion County of
Indiana.  We are working to partner with parents, children, and teachers of John Strange School/PTO.

Some of our efforts involve improving local infrastructure, such as streets, sidewalks, landscaping, and DPW completion of East 62nd Street Trail, linking residents from Binford Boulevard to Glendale Town Center to Broad Ripple Park and Monon Trail, providing families with recreation and health advantages.

The FSNA Board conducts periodic surveys seeking input from residents as to Neighbor Preferences, Crime Watch, Promotion of Bike-Ways, Walking to School, Drainage-Problem Mapping, and so on.

Please take some time to join us at upcoming Third Wednesday of the Month sessions in John Strange
School cafeteria for meeting City officials and other guest speakers.  Families can be further involved
with our annual Neighborhood Cleanup in April, Independence Day Parade/Pitch-In, and Block Parties.

FSNA Bylaws (PDF)


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  1. Good Job Opportunities

  2. Affordable Homes

  3. Top Quality Schools

  4. Low Crime Rate

  5. Events and Recreation